The LSL Planning team of master planning consultants includes some of the best in the business.

Founding Partners

LSL Headshot_Brad






Bradley K. Strader, AICP, PTP
Planning Division Manager
With nearly 30 years of professional experience, Brad has prepared dozens of comprehensive plans, downtown plans, more than 50 corridor studies, multi-modal transportation plans and formed-based codes. He has also co-authored or edited several planning and transportation handbooks, including the new ITE Recommended Practice “Planning Urban Roadway Systems.” Brad serves on several committees including the TRB Access Management Committee, The ITE Planning Council’s Executive Committee and The ITE TOD Parking Task Force. In demand for his broad planning knowledge and experience, Brad regularly conducts seminars on planning, zoning, and transportation topics for state and regional planning conferences and webinars. He was a co-founder of LSL Planning, and is now a planning manager for SAFEbuilt.



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Paul M. LeBlanc, AICP
Planning Manager
A co-founder of LSL and now a planning manager for SAFEbuilt, Paul is approaching 40 years of community planning experience throughout the country. He has worked with a multitude of public and private-sector clients on varied assignments, including award-winning master plans and corridor studies, as well as zoning and land development regulations. A recognized zoning expert, Paul is frequently called upon to testify in zoning litigation matters. In addition, he has served as a member of a local Planning Commission and is currently an elected official, giving him a unique perspective on zoning and land use decision-making.

Planning Staff

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Brian Borden, AICP
Senior Planner
In high demand for his development review skills, Brian serves many communities throughout southeastern Michigan. His experience runs the gamut from commercial and industrial properties to condominium and residential developments. Brian blends his local government and consulting experience to assure high quality reviews and targeted zoning amendments for his communities.









Sherrin Hood, AICPFBCI
Senior Planner
With over 15 years of planning and zoning experience, Sherrin provides both day-to-day planning services and manages special projects to an array of clients. Her positions as former municipal planner and zoning administrator for both rural and fast-growing communities have proven helpful when crafting clear, practical and enforceable zoning solutions. Sherrin is certified through the Form-Based Code Institute, and has helped many communities develop, refine and enforce codes for downtowns, transportation corridors, subareas and special districts. She has managed development of DDA/TIF plans, Complete Streets projects, parks and recreation plans, farmland preservation programs and master plans, and has assisted with environmental, public involvement, visioning and other specialized projects.



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David Jirousek, AICP
Senior Planner
David Jirousek has 12 years of town, county and regional planning experience in both private sector consulting and public sector planning. Prior to joining LSL, David served as a planning consultant, County Director of Planning and Building Services, Senior Town Planner and Regional Planner. Current assignments include ongoing zoning consultation, master plan updates, zoning ordinance revisions, special projects, and plan implementation.



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Rebekah Kik
Senior Planner
A trained architect and urban designer, Rebekah combines the practiced eye of a skilled designer with her planning experience in a variety of settings. During her 12 years as a planner, she has worked in a variety of settings throughout the country, including: Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Rebekah’s work has involved downtown planning, neighborhood revitalization projects, transit-oriented development, non-motorized transportation projects and zoning and form-based codes. In all of these activities, design and public involvement have been hallmarks of her work.



LSL Headshot_Kathleen






Kathleen DuffyAICP, NCI, FBIC
Project Planner II 
Along with her master’s degree in urban planning, Kathleen draws on her undergraduate background in architecture to provide both community planning and design services at LSL. Her experience in neighborhood planning, housing, historic preservation, and urban design provides a strong base for comprehensive plans and neighborhood revitalization. Kathleen assists managing a wide variety of LSL projects including comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, community development projects, transportation plans, and public involvement.



LSL Headshot_Max






Maxwell Dillivan
Assistant Planner
With degrees in geography and urban planning, Maxwell brings the latest skills and techniques in the field providing services in planning and design. His background includes geographic information systems (GIS), research and data collection, motorized and non-motorized transportation planning, environmental planning, and urban design. Maxwell assists on a diverse set of projects at LSL ranging in size and scope. He has created plan documents for public and private clients including sub-area studies, parks and recreation plans, and comprehensive plans.



LSL Headshot_Char






Charlotte Kraus
Office Manager
An integral part of the LSL team, Char has been supporting our planners and managers for many years.  Char’s organizational experience and efficiency, along with her long lasting loyalty to LSL Planning, make her a necessity among the team.