Community Engagement

At LSL Planning, we know that an engaged public is essential to community planning.  We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our community planning workshops and public involvement activities.

Public Involvement/Visioning:

Gratiot AMP WorkshopCollaboration that engages the community and stakeholders in open dialogue is not an easy task in the face of competing demands on everyone’s time. Using a variety of techniques to supplement traditional workshops, including social media, websites, and online forums, makes the process more interesting, informative and engaging.

Whether the focus is land use, transportation, or special projects, we have earned a reputation as expert facilitators who coordinate effective community planning workshops and public involvement activities. We listen, document ideas and provide prompt follow-up.

Recognizing that there is no simple formula for eliciting input, LSL Planning draws from a menu of proven techniques, tailoring a program to the specific needs of the client and the project. Examples include:

  • Drop-in open houses
  • Design workshops/charrettes
  • 3-D visualization
  • Agency days
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Web-based surveys
  • Electronic polling
  • Kidspeak and other events targeted at kids and young adults
  • Facebook and other social media
  • Web pages
  • Media relations
  • Traditional town meetings and public hearings
  • Public Workshop in a Box™ – LSL Planning’s trademarked interactive (and fun) “homemade” meetings


Peters_scenariosLSL Geographic Information System (GIS) and 3-D visualization software and sketching that aid our communities’ planning efforts.  The ability to effectively analyze and display data is an important tool in educating the public and finding better solutions.

Our GIS mapping and visualization applications can be used as a part of all the services we offer.  From master plans and zoning ordinances to access management plans and economic development, GIS and 3-D visualization are increasingly part of our comprehensive approach. Likewise, subarea planning benefits greatly from our ability to provide conceptual sketches, massing models and fly-through visuals to allow the viewer to more fully understand the planning ideas.

LSL Planning’s innovative mapping and visualization experience includes:

  • GIS-based, multiple factor build-out analyses
  • Highly accurate, interactive zoning and land use mapping
  • Visualization of planning alternatives with high-resolution aerial photography
  • Graphic sketches
  • 3-D development modeling and geo-referenced visualization
  • Spatial analysis of service areas and accessibility to community facilities
  • Transportation alternatives mapping
  • Land suitability analysis
  • 3-D roadway cross-section alternatives visualization

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