One v Two-way Study, Lansing, MI

Saginaw-Oakland Corridor Study: 1 way vs 2 way

Lansing determined that a key component to be addressed in its master plan should be its major east-west arteries, which stretch out from the capital across a diverse cross-section of the city. Oakland/Saginaw, a one-way pair corridor of stable volumes, was perceived to have high speeds and over designed capacity that did not fit with the context of land use or neighborhoods. But it is also a state highway well used by commuter traffic.

Various alternatives were evaluated, including keeping the one-way pairs, converting to two-way, and reducing lanes with a road diet. Through a series of public workshops, there was agreement on performance criteria i.e. what was desired in the end. That criteria was used to evaluate the alternatives which led to the eventual recommendation to reduce the number of lanes as part of a transformation into a “Complete Street.”

"When this project began, half of us knew it needed to stay one-way and the other half were convinced it needed to be two-way. We had never thought or your road diet alternative. It looks like you've made a believer of everyone in the room. Nice work!" - resident at final presentation