Form-Based Codes, Leesburg, VA

Form-Based Codes

One of the freshest concepts to be introduced to zoning in decades, Form-Based Codes (FBC), is receiving The Town of Leesburg, Virginia is an historic town located in the northwest suburbs of Washington D.C.  While the downtown exemplifies the traditional historic character of a Virginia town, more recent development surrounding the downtown has been more auto-oriented and disjointed from the traditional fabric of the Town.

LSL Planning was hired by the Town to create a new form-based code for the area just outside of the downtown referred to as the "Crescent District."  The form-based code overlay district is designed to guide redevelopment towards creating a walkable neighborhood that is consistent with the traditional character of the Town.  The form-based code regulates the height and massing of buildings to create defined public streetscapes and a physical framework wherein a mixture of uses can flourish and become a true, vibrant urban neighborhood.

The new form-based code is being integrated seamlessly into the current zoning ordinance to avoid inconsistencies or redundancies with other regulations.  This will give the Town new tools needed to effectively implement the Crescent District Master Plan and transform the area consistent with its vision.

Download a printable project sheet.