Access Management Plan, Detroit

Gratiot Avenue Corridor and Access Management Plan

Stretching 26 miles across Macomb County in metro Detroit, the Gratiot Avenue corridor (M-3/M-19) traverses nine communities. LSL prepared a corridor management plan under the direction of a multi-agency committee to interface road agency guidelines with compatible community regulations. A challenge was the dichotomy of land use patterns along the corridor, which ranges from urban to rural. So we took a “transect” approach to evaluate traffic, pedestrian connectivity, transit use, land use and overall character.

Recommendations for sites along the corridor were prepared. Options were discussed at a series of meetings, including some “on-site” forums with business owners. A plan wrapped up the recommendations with a focus on staged implementation. A model code was crafted and adopted by most of the communities. In addition to typical access management recommendations, a series of traffic operation concepts were included along with strategies to improve non-motorized travel, transit and low-impact stormwater design. When the project was completed under budget, the remaining funds were used for two pilot projects.

Download a printable project sheet.

Key Elements

Land Use
Economic Development
Access Management
Public Involvement
Overlay Zoning