Corridor Plan, Michigan Street, MI

LSL led a large team to create a land use and multi-modal transportation plan for the Grand Rapids “Medical Mile” around the Michigan Street corridor on the edge of downtown. This area includes a wide range of uses, including a regional hospital, Michigan State and Grand Valley State University campuses, small business districts and a variety of unique neighborhoods. Through an elaborate community engagement

Quality of LIFE public input "game".
Quality of LIFE public input “game”.

process including focus groups, web-based publicity, walk/bike tours, public forums and a “Quality of Life” board game, different land use and transportation alternatives were identified and vetted.

Using Guiding Principles and HUD performance measures, a preferred land use scenario was identified. Then a variety of transportation improvement packages were modeled at the subarea and intersection level. Traditional modeling was supplemented with the EPA’s Mixed-use Development (MXD) program for mode splits. The Plan provides a series of recommendations for land use, new housing types, bike facilities, numerous pedestrian improvements, travel demand management strategies, long and short range transit options, TOD and POD urban design standards, a green infrastructure plan and a range of street network improvements.

Download a printable project sheet.