Corridor Plan, Farmington, MI

Grand River Corridor Plan

This key regional spine is plagued by an excessive width, dispersed land uses and outdated development patterns. Working with a multi-jurisdictional Corridor Improvement Authority, LSL Planning helped develop a plan to spark reinvestment. Success of the plan relied heavily on extensive public and stakeholder input, whose values and aspirations, balanced with today’s market realities, drove the process. Key aspects of the plan included the following:

1. A future land use strategy that uses existing anchors to assemble supportive and compatible land uses
2. Urban design plans for four distinct development nodes with design guidelines for future redevelopment
3. Branding to help unify the corridor
4. Recommendations to protect adjacent neighborhoods
5. Repurposing excess travel lanes into more attractive, pedestrian- and bike-friendly boulevards
6. A form-based overlay code
7. Start-up projects to help kick-start redevelopment

Download a printable project sheet.