Downtown and Comp Plan, Charleston, WV

Downtown and Comprehensive Plan

Charleston, West Virginia’s state capital, is an anchor in the beautiful Appalachia Region. Charleston has dealt with typical urban problems such as loss of population, antiquated housing, and some aging business districts. But Charleston also has many assets along with a wealth of organizations committed to the city’s future. LSL and MKSK were selected to help organize ideas and resources into a unified plan for the city and its downtown, named “Imagine Charleston.”
We began by focusing the city’s committed 80 member task force into smaller groups focused on specific areas and topics. Through a series of meetings, design charrettes and public forums, concepts and alternatives were embraced. A key focus was building consensus on short-term priorities and public-private partnerships for action. Implementation of several exciting plan concepts began even before the plan was adopted.

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  • Complete Streets
  • Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Early Action and Catalytic Projects
  • Rightsizing


Community engagement tools were used in Charleston, see more about our proven techniques.