Bikeways, various locations

Planning bikeways and other techniques to integrate bikers into the traffic plan is an area of expertise for LSL Planning.  A couple of current examples include:

Kanawha Boulevard, Charleston, West Virginia

During the comprehensive planning process in Charleston, a project rose to the top that required speedy action for implementation before the plan was even adopted. Charleston’s historic Kanawha Boulevard lines a park along the riverfront but lacked non-motorized amenities, especially for bicyclists. With potential grant money on the line, LSL Planning developed a design to add a two-way “cycle track” along the riverside of the street. This project has been funded and is undergoing final design.

Lyon Street Bikeway, Grand Rapids, Michigan

During the Michigan Street Corridor Area Plan process, there was agreement that improvements were needed to encourage more bicycling. But the consensus was that the traffic conditions and limited right-of-way along Michigan Street made it inhospitable to many casual cyclists, the target audience. A number of alternative routes and designs were evaluated. A two-way cycle track along Lyon Street into downtown Grand Rapids was the selected concept.