Access Mgmt Manual, Summit County, OH

Summit County, OH (Akron area) selected DLZ Ohio and LSL Planning to develop a county-wide Access Management Manual because of our ability to apply state transportation standards in local settings. This manual extends the traditional regulations dealing with the placement and design of access points by relating standards to the context of each roadway. Using this approach, intersection and driveway spacing and design standards will be better matched to the environment they are expected to serve in the future rather than only considering current conditions. The goal is to better harmonize the design and function of the transportation system with future land use environments as these communities grow.

Working with local communities, the county’s access management standards will be drafted so they can be used both by the county and local townships when reviewing development applications. This partnership helps ensure that implementation is consistent throughout the county, regardless of jurisdictional boundaries.

A two-phased approach was used. Phase One was an educational program targeted to townships and cities that explained the benefits of access management. Phase Two involves the development of the County Manual, including zoning regulations for each unincorporated township in the county.


Download a printable project sheet.