Form-Based Codes (aka Design-Based Codes)

One of the freshest concepts in urban planning is the use of form-based codes. They have gained widespread attention from local officials, interested citizens and the development community as a whole.

Form-based codes, also called design-based codes, rely on design concepts and patterns that preserve the best of a community, creating more sustainable places. Form-based codes emphasize the physical form of a building and its relationship to the street and adjacent buildings. Ideally a form-based code covers both the private realm and the right-of-way. Compatibility of uses is achieved through design and orientation instead of strict land use separation.

The result is urban planning and development in harmony with the established or desired character of a district, supported by mixed uses, pedestrian-friendly systems and complementary scale. We are one of a the few firms with expertise both in the regulatory aspects and street design.

LSL Planning has helped many communities large and small achieve their urban planning goals by incorporating form-based codes as an element of traditional zoning or as a community-wide regulatory approach.