Zoning Ordinances & Form-Based Codes

The complexion of land development regulation is changing.

Modern zoning ordinances are no longer just about separating uses into discrete districts and imposing one-size-fits-all setback, parking and sign regulations.

Today’s zoning ordinances should be structured to incentivize quality development, integrate land use regulation with storm water management, create sustainable development, balance the interests of the community with the individual freedoms of property owners, and make review processes less onerous.

To optimize the effectiveness of zoning ordinances, LSL often leverages state-of-the-art tools such as unified development codes, folding all development related regulations (including zoning and subdivision ordinances) into a single, fluent document. We are also experts in the use of form-based codes, which rely on design concepts and patterns that preserve the best of a community and result in more sustainable places.

Our interactive zoning format, EZone, makes ordinances user-friendly, readable and less intimidating.  With the click of a mouse, the user can easily maneuver through the document and quickly find needed information.

See just a few of our zoning ordinance and form-based code projects.