Transit Planning & Transit-Oriented Development

Convenient and attractive transit plays a key role in creating a sustainable transportation system.  But the public’s call for improved transit often overlooks the important role of land use and design.  LSL Planning’s land use and transportation planners understand how to bridge that gap.

For larger scale projects, we work with the top transit specialty firms to develop long-range transit plans.  We explore how changes to the land use pattern and development design might positively influence ridership potential.

At a corridor or district scale, LSL evaluates how transit ridership can be improved along particular corridors through transit-oriented development.

Transit-oriented development often includes a mixture of uses clustered around a transit stop or transit corridor with sufficient density to support transit and stimulate a walkable environment.

We also help evaluate the best type of transit for an area, the most effective routes, the best cross sections, and the location of stations.