Parking Studies & Parking Ordinances

When we ask what needs improvement in your downtown? More parking is almost always the first response.  Yet we find that most downtowns have enough parking — it’s just not used very efficiently. Sometimes employees and store owners dominate the most convenient spaces.  In other cases the public is not aware of the parking available.  Our approach is more than just simple calculations – we explore the turnover, wayfinding and the ambiance of the walk from parking to destinations.  We also look at bike parking and other important amenities that are often overlooked.

A parking study collects information about the capacity and use of existing parking facilities as well as vehicle circulation patterns within a specified area. Communities use parking study analyses to determine if and where to build additional parking, determine parking fee strategies, and create or revise parking ordinances.

LSL routinely conducts parking studies as part of its Transportation Planning services for downtowns and campus settings.

We’ve conducted such studies for Providence Hospital; Berkley, Michigan; Findlay, Ohio; and Birmingham Triangle District.