Access Management Code & Corridor Planning

Often art of corridor planning, access management codes draw on a set of proven techniques to help reduce congestion, preserve traffic flow, and improve safety. When done well, it also minimizes crash potential; maintains road capacity; and preserves existing investment in roads by managing the location, design and type of access to roadways.

The access management plan was extremely useful in the city’s efforts to improve the safety, efficiency and aesthetic quality of the corridor.  A useful aspect of the project was public presentations made by LSL. They did an excellent job of educating property and business owners, allaying many of the fears and misconceptions regarding the impacts on customer traffic. — Community Development Director, City of Cadillac, MI

The goal of access management codes and corridor planning is to create roads that function safely and efficiently, all the while creating an attractive corridor. But we have put a new spin on traditional access management. Our approach considers the district context of different places in a community or along a corridor. Our access standards then respond to the district character and type of travel for those zones.