Transportation & Placemaking Studio

LSL’s transportation planning specialists understand the important relationship between transportation and land use.

We believe that land use patterns and design can be part of the solution.  Our projects also promote techniques to effectively design a multi-modal transportation system that reflects the desired character. We also help manage the transportation system, through access management, parking strategies, travel demand management and innovative design.

From thoroughfare planning and transit planning to access management, non-motorized planning and parking studies, LSL’s transportation planning professionals know how to bring best practices into the mix.

We aim for a “complete streets” approach to planning a transportation network, which emphasizes harmony of streets with their surroundings while meeting the mobility needs of all users—motorists, commercial users, pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and people of all ages and abilities.

Our transportation planning projects range from broad regional systems planning to small area planning.  We often work in collaboration with traffic and highway engineers or modelers to help evaluate alternatives.  Engaging public involvement is always a key component of our work.  Many of our projects involve compliance with the Federal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Environmental Impact Study (EIS) procedures.

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