Building Department Services

You may be happy with your building department and just looking for planning services, and that is perfectly fine.  But as a SAFEbuilt company, we would like you to know that we also offer a full range of building department administration services, including permitting, plan review, and inspections. We are here to provide the unique support your community needs — whatever that might be in the scope of community development.

We generally have two models for delivering building department services. The first is co-locating within your city or town hall. The second is delivering services from a nearby regional hub office, providing cost and resource sharing opportunities with other communities in the area.

Either way we create a seamless partnership.  With our full-service approach, SAFEbuilt takes care of staffing, vehicles, insurance, technology training and certifications. SAFEbuilt also handles administration and management of the department. We get to know your codes and local ordinances and we are almost always able to hire locally.

To learn more about building department services, please visit