Downtown Plans & Revitalization

Renewed excitement about urban environments has created opportunities to develop or redevelop neighborhoods, corridors and downtowns.  Unaware of their economic benefits or unwilling to wade through regulations and land assembly, many developers are missing potentially lucrative opportunities.  Meanwhile, the slower than desired progress and an inability to effect change often frustrates local officials.  LSL has helped bridge this gap between community need and developer response, through catalyst projects and public-private partnerships to make downtown revitalization happen.

LSL’s development team can assist with downtown plans on several levels:

  • Placemaking and urban design framework for downtowns, corridors and nearby neighborhoods
  • Multi-modal transporation for walkable, siteable, transit friendly downtowns
  • The right mix of uses to respond to changes in demographics and spending trends
  • Establishing special taxing districts to capture revenue to fund district projects (DDA, TIFA, CID, etc.)
  • Implementation such as developer recruitment, RFPs, site packaging, grant-writing and program administration
  • Revising local regulations to support planned projects and facilitate reviews
  • Market analysis and parking studies

See a few of our downtown and corridor projects.