Comprehensive Planning

Community planning guides the future—land use, character, physical improvement, development and strategic re-development

A community’s Comprehensive Plan is its guide for future land use and growth, physical improvement and development. It helps direct day-to-day decision making and to steer large and small projects alike in the direction of the desired overall vision.

Whether examining the community as a whole or focusing on the details of a subarea, LSL Planning has the experience and resources you need. We provide comprehensive planning, downtown planning & revitalization, neighborhood planning, and corridor planning services.

Regardless of the project, LSL prides itself on bringing creativity and innovation to every assignment. In subarea planning, for example, LSL often employs hand-drawn sketches, 3-D virtual models, and before/after imagery to help the community better visualize design concepts. Choices regarding the placement and scale of buildings, the alignment of roads and sidewalks, and the location of public spaces are vibrantly reflected in a digital community blueprint.

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