Featured Project: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Kalamazoo, Michigan, an urban community facing a declining population, sought an overhaul to its previous comprehensive plan, which was hundreds of pages long. The consultant team, led by LSL, and city staff collaborated to engage the public in a dynamic, Kalamazoo 2010 Master Planinteractive process that resulted in a concise, graphic plan with an overarching theme of sustainability.  Stakeholders, including colleges, neighborhood associations, and businesses, collaborated to promote sustainability throughout the plan.

The plan incorporated innovative recommendations related to infill development, community gardens, complete streets, green infrastructure, economic gardening, and integrated the recently completed downtown and neighborhood subarea plans.

Public involvement was a particular highlight of the planning process. Interactive workshops engaged the public like never before, and the plan’s Facebook page had over 600 fans.


Download a printable project sheet or the full city-wide master plan.

Community engagement tools

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