The LSL team brings unparalleled understanding and creativity to community planning and development. The bottom line is this: they get it. This  team is results-oriented, visionary but  realistic. We hold them in the highest regard. — Planning Director, Richmond, Indiana

helping local governments create better communities

what impact can our team of planning and zoning experts have on your community?

Since 1992 we’ve helped hundreds of communities envision, plan, and develop their own unique “place.”

LSL Planning is SAFEbuilt’s community planning division.  Urban planners, designers, zoning experts, and transportation specialists — are all known for delivering outstanding service and bringing creative solutions to the municipalities and agencies that work with us.  Our experience with a diverse array of communities has given us a unique perspective and insight into what drives effective community development. LSL Planning is a SAFEbuilt company and together we serve nearly 200 municipalities and agencies across the country.

Our skilled professionals can help your community transform vision into reality through comprehensive community planning, zoning and form-based codes, transportation planning, and ongoing municipal services.

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